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Tihar Celebration 2009

October 17-18, 2009. On the occasion of Tihar 2009, ANQ general members and executive members and our friends got together to celebrate Tihar on last 17th and 18th of October. We went to our members houses to play Deusi-Bhailo. During each Deusi-Bhailo, we had songs, dance and of course cultural Deusi-Bhailo. All the participants as well as the family members wherever we went, were very happy. Many of us remembered our young age in Nepal. Since we organized this only for 2 days and we didnot have a chance to visit every houses this year, we promised them for next year.

We would like to thank all friends and volunteers for providing us your kind support to successfully organize this event. Thank you!

Vijaya Dashami Celebration 2009

Durga Photo October 3, 2009. On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami 2009, ANQ organized a special event on Saturday, the 3rd October 2009. This event had Dashain Tika, Nepalese cultural program and of course a nice dinner. Our children and our friends showed their talents with song, dance, jokes and poems. The program was held at Bharat Bhawan, 4225 Notre Dame West, Metro Place St. Henri, Montreal, QC from 6:00 pm to mid night. Nepalese friends and family members from Greater Montreal Area and Joliette were present to celebrate this Vijaya Dashami.

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ANQ Picnic 2009

July 12, 2009. This is summer season in Montreal and we have nice sunny days. We all are happy and want to enjoy the beautiful weather we have now a days. It's the time of the year, when we all want to go outings. Therefore, ANQ also organized a picnic program in the month of July. Like previous years, all of us got together at Mont-Royal park and enjoyed the food that we brought from our home. This was a potlock picnic program. So, all participants brought their specialized, tasty food item all all of us had good time tasting them.

We had some interesting games like 'Topi Lukai', 'Ghaito Phutaune', musical chair etc. to make the day even interesting. All our friends, family members from Montreal, and neighbouring cities were invited to participate in this event. [View Photos]

The event was at the following date and time:
Date: Sunday, 12th July 2009
Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Mont-Royal Park (Near Lac aux Castors)

Celebration of Nepali New Year 2066 BS

April 18, 2009. Like previous years, we all got together to celebrate Nepali new year 2066 on Saturday evening on 18th April 2009. Not only Nepali from Montreal area, there were our friends and family members from nearby cities including Sherbrooke, St. Zerome, Joliette, Ottawa and other cities. Our friends from Bhutan, who arrived in Quebec not a long ago got a chance to see Nepali friends for the first time. And we also got an opportunity to know them all. Our French and English speaking friends seemed very happy to see Nepali culture. The program had full course dinner and Nepali-French mixed cultural program with dance, songs, poem, article and jokes.

With support from our all our volunteers, and participants, it was very successful event.

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