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Nepalese Ambassador to Canada, Welcome Program

June 12, 2010. As we all know that Nepalese Embassy has been recently established in Ottawa, Ontario. For the first time in history, Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire has become Nepalese Ambassador to Canada.

ANQ decided to congratule Dr. Ghimire personally and to officially welcome him to Québec. So, we organized a day to mark it as a special event and invited him, his wife and other staff members to Montréal.

The day started with his arrival at the residence of our Executive Member - Mr. Pabitra Upadhya, where we had morning breakfast get-together. Some of our friends/family members were also there. We got an opportunity to talk and to share each-others views.

Since this was the first time, Dr. Ghimire met Nepali friends/family members in Québec, we decided to show him Montréal city also. He visited St. Joseph Oratory, and few other places of the city. Next, there was a big afternoon event organized at the residence of our Executive Advisor, Dr. Hemant K. Paudel. We invited all our members to participate in this event.

In this welcome event, ANQ Board members Mr. Prakash Mungrati, Mr. Pabitra Upadhya, Dr. Hemant K. Paudel, Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari spoke about the relationship of Nepalese community in Québec and the Nepalese Embassy in Canada. Speaking in this welcome program, facilitated by ANQ Executive Member - Mr. Gyanendra Pokharel, Ambassador Dr. Ghimire mentioned the services presently available and past & future activities of Embassy.

Miss Pratibha Baral read Dr. Ghimire's biography and other volunteers helped to successfully conclude the program around 9:00 pm Saturday and Dr. Ghimire & his team returned to Ottawa the same evening.

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