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ANQ General Meeting 2010

October 3, 2010. ANQ successfully organized its 8th Annual General Meeting in the heart of Montreal city. We discussed about our past activities and planned for future activities. The discussion has brought many new ideas that will guide for new future activites. Changes were made to the current Executive Members also. Two new members Mr. J.N. Khanal and Mr. Yubaraj Bhandari joined the Exective Committee while Mr. Shankar Khadka was replaced by Mr. Dinesh Majhi.

The meeting was held at the following date/time.

Date:Sunday, 3 October 2010
Time:11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location:Room No. SS03
419 Saint-Roch, Montreal, QC H3N 1K2
Near Metro Parc

Third National Conference of Nepalese in Canada

September 15, 2010. The beautiful summer of 2010 in Montreal witnessed the 3rd National conference of Nepalese in Canada. The program was hosted by Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ). The two day long programmed was observed with the various activities including different Nepalese cultural program and sport activity. The program was attended by about 300 attendees who had come from the various province of Canada, local city of Montreal and USA.
The first day program was organized at the hall of William-Hingston situated near the Parc Metro station in Montreal. The program was chaired by the President of ANQ Mr. Prakash Mugrati. With slightly delayed than the scheduled, the program started with National anthem of Nepal and Canada. The welcome speech was given by Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari, ANQ Advisor. Honourable Ambassador of Nepal Mr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire was the key note speaker for the program.
The program was also attended by a representative from minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Mr. Nahed Koussa (Senior Regional Advisor). On the occasion Srijana Panta had read out the message for the conference from the Ministry of Immigration and Multiculturalism.
The all day program was continued with the discussion on various issues concerning to the Nepalese residing outside of Nepal. The first discussion program was on the topic of NRN rights, Dual citizenship and NRN ID card. Dr. Raju Tuladhar, the spoke person of NRN Canada and Dr. Ambika Adhikari, regional co-ordinator of Ammericas were the presenter for the discussion program. Mr. Manik Duggar (NRN-Canada NCC member North West Territories), Kishor Rajbhandari (NRN-Canada NCC member Toronto) and Rajendra Prasai (NRN-Canada general member Calgary) were the participating discussants. Other attendees had also actively participated on the program during the Q&A session.
The youth forum and Women and Children committee forum (WCC) also had conducted separate discussion program. In another separate discussion program the issues of mentoring professionals in Canada were discussed. Finally the annual general meeting of NRN Canada chapter was conducted.
During the meeting at AGM various decisions were taken regarding the NRN Canada chapter and it's membership. The meeting decided that the name of the organization will be changed to National Coordination Council (NCC) of Nepalese in Canada form "Non-Resident Nepalis- National Coordination Council (NRN-Canada). The validity of membership was also extended for two years with the membership fee of $10.00. The meeting also decided to extend the term of current National co-ordination council till the next National Conference and AGM.
The end of the first day was celebrated with the various Nepali cultural programs. Various artists from Local city of Montreal together with those came from other cities of Canada had performed various cultural activities.
A soccer competition between the Nepalese of various Canadian cities was organized on the second day of the program. The soccer game was followed with a short picnic program hosted by ANQ.

[Reported by: Nabin Gautam]

Saturday, 14 August 2010
Conference and Cultural Show [8:00-22:30]
419 Saint-Roch, Montreal, QC H3N 1K2
Near Metro Parc

Sunday, 15 August 2010
Soccer Match [8:00-12:00] Sportif Claude Robillard
1000 Av Emile Journault, Montreal, QC H2M 2E1
Picnic [12:30-17:30] Jarry Park,
285 Rue Faillon Ouest, Montreal, QC H2R 2W1

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Nepalese Ambassador to Canada, Welcome Program

June 12, 2010. As we all know that Nepalese Embassy has been recently established in Ottawa, Ontario. For the first time in history, Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire has become Nepalese Ambassador to Canada.

ANQ decided to congratule Dr. Ghimire personally and to officially welcome him to Québec. So, we organized a day to mark it as a special event and invited him, his wife and other staff members to Montréal.

The day started with his arrival at the residence of our Executive Member - Mr. Pabitra Upadhya, where we had morning breakfast get-together. Some of our friends/family members were also there. We got an opportunity to talk and to share each-others views.

Since this was the first time, Dr. Ghimire met Nepali friends/family members in Québec, we decided to show him Montréal city also. He visited St. Joseph Oratory, and few other places of the city. Next, there was a big afternoon event organized at the residence of our Executive Advisor, Dr. Hemant K. Paudel. We invited all our members to participate in this event.

In this welcome event, ANQ Board members Mr. Prakash Mungrati, Mr. Pabitra Upadhya, Dr. Hemant K. Paudel, Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari spoke about the relationship of Nepalese community in Québec and the Nepalese Embassy in Canada. Speaking in this welcome program, facilitated by ANQ Executive Member - Mr. Gyanendra Pokharel, Ambassador Dr. Ghimire mentioned the services presently available and past & future activities of Embassy.

Miss Pratibha Baral read Dr. Ghimire's biography and other volunteers helped to successfully conclude the program around 9:00 pm Saturday and Dr. Ghimire & his team returned to Ottawa the same evening.

Summer Get-Together

May 16, 2010. This is summer season. We all like to be out in open air. So, Association of Nepalese in Québec (ANQ) organized a summer get-together at Maisonneauve Park, Montreal. About 70 people associated with ANQ from Montreal and other cities around were present there. Kids enjoyed the park playing and adults enjoyed talking and sharing their ideas to help each other to better integrate in the society. We talked about ANQ, NRN-Canada, our friendship between members & non-members and other topics. A total of 34 people registered their name to volunteer for NRN Canada's next AGM being held in Montreal in August 2010.

Water, pizza and samosa were served. Please note that this is new program of its kind organized by ANQ other than our scheduled programs.

Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Location: Maisonneauve Park, Montreal, Near Metro Viau [View Map]

Nepali New Year 2067 BS

April 17, 2010. Association of Nepalese in Québec (ANQ) organized welcome party to celebrate Nepali new year 2067 BS. ANQ members and non-members from Montreal and other cities around were present to participate an evening together. People started coming to the location of Bharat Bhavan, 4225 Notre Dame West, Metro Place St. Henri, Montreal around 6 pm.

Miss Amita Rasaili and Mr. Krishna Nepali (used to live in Montreal and moved to Ottawa in 2000) were at the door to welcome all. The setup of chairs was different from the past events, so people felt a change beginning their entrance. To animate the evening, a new face appeared in the stage, ANQ Executive Member Mr. Gyanendra Pokharel. He began the program with Nepali national anthem and Canadian national anthem, with all children who were present there.

With initial speeches from members of ANQ Executive body Mr. Prakash Mungrati, Mr. Pabitra Upadhya, Dr. Hemant K. Paudel and Mr. Mugadhan Rajbhandari, a cultural program started. It had songs, dances, and poems. Mr. Shyam Tamang was busy operating sound system and preparing for his own dance and a group dance. Mr. Hemanta Dahal, made everybody play a computer-assisted bingo and three participants got a chance to win little prizes. For the first time, many participants showed their talents appearing on the stage. Mrs. Samira Khatiwada, Mr. Yubaraj Bhandari, Mr. Udaya Sthapit, Mr. Dinesh Majhi, Mr. Siddartha Rajbhandari and Mr. Nabin Gautam are a few names to mention.

Volunteers started to arrange for this evening since 10 am. The hall decoration and seat arrangemens were done by Prakash Mungrati, Kishor Shrestha, Gyanendra Pokharel, Anuj Khanal, Mugadhan Rajbhandari, Pabitra Upadhya, Dinesh Majhi, Laldev Mandal, Shyam Tamang, Udaya Sthapit and Siddhartha Rajbhandari. Non-veg food was served by Star India Restaurant and veg food was from Pushap Sweets.

With full support of all volunteers and participants, the event was successfully concluded at midnight. [View Photos]

Nepalese in Hindu Temple

January 17, 2010.Photo Every Sunday, Hindu temples in Montreal organize Satsang/Bhajan with afternoon meal. Usually, each family or a group of families associated with the temple book one or more Sunday of the year and sponsor the event of that day.

Similarly, 7 Nepali families (Hemanta K. Paudel, Keshav Sharma, Pabitra Upadhya, Hom Lamichhane, Hemanta Dahal, Prakash Mungrati, and Navin Gautam) together sponsored 3rd Sunday of the year 2010. Many Nepali friends and family members were present there. Mr. Lok Nath Dahal sang bhajans and Mr. Pabitra Upadhya gave spiritual speech.

All members of Hindu temple of DDO and the people from other communities along with Indian community were very happy after this initiation of Nepali families. Please note that Mr. Basanta Khanal and Mr. Surya Bhattarai had sponsored such events in Hindu Mission of Montreal in the past in two different occasions. [View Photos]

Mr. Khatri and his mother in Hospital

January 11, 2010. After an unexpected incident, Mr. Govinda Khatri (ANQ Executive Member 2003-2006) and his mother have been admitted to Bir Hospital, Kathandu, Nepal.

On the morning of 9th January, Mrs. Khatri (Govinda's mother) was in front a gas oven after her morning worship. Mr. Govinda Khatri was outside reading newspaper. All of a sudden, he heard scream from inside and ran to the mother's room and noticed that his mother had caught fire. She had her sari and sweater burnt. While helping to control the fire and save his mother, he fell down and got injured on head and feet and both of his hands also. They were both rushed to nearby hospital, Om nursing Home. He was treated there but mother was sent to Teaching Hospital. With the lack of bed in Teaching Hospital, she was sent to Bir Hospital and finally got admitted. The doctor confirmed her the strength of burn was to be 50%. She has been getting regular treatment at the hospital. Mr. Khatri has to get dressings changed twice a day and he tried to come home to get treatment at nearby clinic also. But, because of 'Nepal Banda', he had no choice but to get admitted. So, he also ended to be at Bir Hospital.

ANQ would like to pray the God for their fast relief from this pain. Lets keep our hands together to wish our friend and his mother to return home well soon.

New Year Party 2010

January 1, 2010. What an excellent a way to welcome New Year! Day, week, month and year pass by. We are always busy doing different things. And the new year also passes by. To mark as a special and to remember for a long time, ANQ organized New Year party on the day of new year 2010. Many old and new nepali friends and families were present at this event. To share our happiness together and keep our memory together, the program began with ANQ Secretary Hemanta Dahal's opening introduction, followed by welcome speech from President Prakash Mungrati and ANQ's first President Raj Kumar Mahat. After living in Montreal for more than 8 years, Mr. Mahat with his whole family moved to Brampton (Ontario) two years ago.

All the participants presented themselves so that everyone could get a chance to know all. There was full course dinner provided. We all got an oppourtunity to wish happy new year 2010 together. Kids showed their happiness by being with their fellow friends.

The event was organized at Resto Café Royal, 5473 Royal Mount, Montréal, QC H4B 1J3 [View Location] from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm with a nominal fee of 13.00 per person with $6.50 for children 5-10 yrs and under 5 yrs got it free. [View Photos]

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