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Teej 2011

August 20, 2011. The women of our community took charge on Saturday August 20th, 2011 and celebrated Teej, one week prior to the actual festival, so that as many members as possible could attend this celebration. To the delight of all, for the first time, ANQ women reserved a small hall in St-Roch community center and organized a large pot-luck 'daar'. As each participant contributed, the resulting very enjoyable feast was filled with many varieties including vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Such was the feast's success that we didn't have 'daar' once but two times! The sweet tooth of many was also greatly satisfied since everything from rice pudding and sugary yogourt to all types of sweets were available.

As the women entered the location, glowing in beautiful and bright sarees, the music almost instantly started with traditional songs and more modern Nepali Teej songs. But as they say, 'old is gold', so many preferred the older songs, where the lyrics conveyed meaning and significance. The dancing soon followed and didn't stop until the very end. Many were on their dancing shoes throughought the whole evening while others preferred to simply watch, socialize and mingle with the crowd, a smile on their faces. Even if it was for a single day, for a couple of hours, the atmosphere was very animated and it was almost as if we were back near the Pasupati Temple in Nepal. The hall was only booked until 6, but the festivities ended well after.

On a final note, a big thank you to all the organizers and to all of you, thank you for participating, bringing your delicious items and for making this event oh-so-successful.

Here's to making our Teej celebration an annual one, here in Montreal!

[Reported by: Prativa Baral]

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